Valentina Ornaghi (b. 1986, Milan) and Claudio Prestinari (b. 1984, Milan) graduated respectively in Industrial Design and Architecture. In 2014, Ornaghi and Prestinari had a solo exhibition, Familiare, at the Galleria Continua (San Gimignano). In 2016, they participated in Artista x Artista, the first international artist residency program in Havana (Cuba) and they held their first solo exhibition in New York at the New York University - Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò. In 2017, they produced a number of works relating to Giorgio Morandi which were exhibited at MAMbo - Casa Morandi (Bologna) and they were awarded a residency at Carlo Zauli Museum in Faenza with a final showheld at the MIC International Ceramics Museum. They unveiled their public sculpture entitled Filemone e Bauciat the new Citylife Park, Artline, in Milanthe same year. In 2018, Ornaghi and Prestinari had a second solo exhibition, Keeping Things Whole,at the Galleria Continua (San Gimignano). Ornaghi and Prestinari have taken part in several international exhibitions, both in experimental spaces and institutions, including MAAT, Lisbon (2018); Museum Voorlinden, Wassenaar (2016); Aguila de Oro, Havana (2016);Le Centquatre, Paris (2015); Palazzo Reale, Milan (2015); Museo Pietro Canonica of Villa Borghese, Rome (2015).


Street vendor or juggler's objects.
A still life. Casting as a way to keep things whole, merged.
Three objects covered in aluminium foil and a face sculpted onto the palm of a hand are connected through a clay
A fruit box like a skeleton, a network of ribs. An industrial plastic casting that we imagine to translate into an artisan
bronze casting. A sculptures group obtained through a liquid material that returns solid.
The foil, like a persuasive metal skin, covers everyday objects by changing their epidermal characteristics. The
shimmering surface confuses the perception of the object contained in the wrapping. A skin over the skin, like
packaging or clothes. The film hides leaving a glimpse. It creates uniformity but at the same time, this deception reveals
the metallic nature of the bronze casting.

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