Gina Folly (b.1983 ,Zurich, Switzerland, lives and works in Basel) studied at the ZHdK in Zurich. Folly’s work investigates the effects of economic, political,cultural and social changes on the everyday realities, habits, and self-conception of the individual.

She subjects objects and symbols to minimal contextual shifts and critically thematizes the promises that our striving for greater productivity and naturalness in an increasingly technologized environment holds out. The domestication and imitation of natural phenomena play an important role for Folly. As a result, everyday objects and situations as well as fauna and flora occur repeatedly in her works as motifs or material and looking for a confrontation between humans and their private and public surrounding. These relations and exchanges are emphasized in the way Folly uses, alters and mixes industrial production processes with artisanal or even homemade techniques.


The skin is a container which protects us from the outside and is a semipermeable filter system at the same time, similar to a home or a confined space, in which the users time is limited.

My proposal for BSFP#03 is related to a work series of mine called Basic Needs(2017) that evolved during a residency in Marseille, which consists of found cardboard boxes modified with a door lock and anair filter and used as little mini-cinemas showing short scenes out of the daily life I captured in the last three years.

For BSFP#03 proposal I want to startagain with found cardboard boxes in the streets of Milan. The process of collecting the boxes is a performative and site-specific act for me, as well as a reflection uponme beinga trained photographer. The capture of the very moment of assemble. They will be arranged and cast in bronze, having the same weight as my own body. The translation from thesecollected, inexpensive and widely used ready-madesinto bronze, a very stable and valuable material, should be brought to its limits. I want to see the contradictions but also the similarities of the two materials reacting on each other and therebygenerate a new appearance for the piece itself.


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