Augustas Serapinas (b. 1990, Vilnius, Lithuania, lives and works in Vilnius) studied at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Exhibitions include: Blue Pen, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow, UK (2018); Give Up The Ghost, Baltic Triennial 13, Vilnius, LT (2018); Everything Was Forever, Until it Was No More, RIBOCA 1 Riga Biennial of Contemporary Art, Riga, LV (2018); How To Live Together, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, AT (2017); Housewarming, Emalin, London, UK(2016); 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow, RU (2015). Serapinas’ practice operates outside of the conventional artist’s studio and often takes the shape of site-specific installations, architectural interventions and performative actions. At stake is the reimagining and restructuring of socially engaged spaces in order to highlight and complicate the assumptions that precede them.

The sculptures start from isolating the abstract form of sprue rods: in the traditional lost wax casting process these bronze channels carry molted bronze to the figure. Once poured, the structural framework—consisting of a funnel attached to a webbing network that encloses the cast object—is removed. Typically, the final object represents the intended outcome and a concrete result, while this surplus metal is discarded and molten down for reuse. By making the sprue rods the definite form of my work I am redirecting the object-based focus to the adjoining peripheral structure. Recreation of this alternative form presents the inner structure, the relationship between the form and its surface, a signifier inverts the old assumptions, methodology and its limits. The surface of a Squid, Hadrian and the Gold-seeker are absent, sign unhooked from referent, but inherently present in its material absence. Filling and emptying, coating and stripping, reproduction and disappearance now figures as an enclosure that represents form but collapses without it. By expanding these material conceptions, the layers of the traditional foundry processes form a new skin.


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